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Indonesia Have 53 Percent of World Pearl Types
Thursday, May 6, 2010, 19:46 AM
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WEST LOMBOK – Minister for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Fadel Muhammad, say, 53 percent type of pearl in the world found in Indonesia. “Indonesia is a country that has good prospects of pearls, pearl of the world because 53 percent in Indonesia,” said Fadel told reporters after the harvest of pearl in the tourist area of Senggigi, West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Thursday.

He said the company would engage experts to further develop the pearl to produce a kind of pearl lovers admired the world. Ministry of Fisheries and Marine (Kemkanlut) was determined by the year 2015 the world’s best pearls from Indonesia that is pearl-producing areas such as Lombok, Maluku and Papua.

Determination was emphasized by the condition two years ago the price had plummeted because of Indonesian pearl lost in international competition. According to Fadel, the drop in the price of Indonesian pearls because of three things, namely the lack of overseas sales force, was defeated in breeding technology, and banking support is still low. “That I know after coordinating with the Association of Indonesian Pearl Exchange (Asbumi),” he said.

Fadel wish pearl breeding on the island of Lombok implemented according to expectations of all parties because history proves the development of world-class pearls had something to do with the island of Lombok. Pearl type pitada maxina, the largest species in the world, reportedly came from Lombok, who later moved to China to reach locations in the United States.

“I admit, my visit to Lombok NTB something to do with efforts to develop world-class pearls, which are packed in the form of combination with the tourism sector,” he said. Fadel admitted, his side have already determined several areas in Indonesia to set a pearl tourist area, one of the Lombok NTB.
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